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Brick Paver Patio vs. Wood Deck

With the cost of building materials at all time highs and the added long term maintenance of a wood deck (painting. staining, sealing, etc.), many people are looking at a brick paver patio as a longer lasting, lower maintenance alternative.

Wood deteriorates with age and will need to be replaced, especially with our harsh North East winters. Composite decking is even more expensive and still requires wood framing which can eventually fail. Poured concrete or stamped concrete eventually cracks or heaves and will need repair. It also chips, and small repairs and both expensive and never match perfectly with the original concrete.

Brick pavers offer Upstate New York homeowners a better alternative. Interlocking pavers move with the grounds and are engineered for our four season climate. Damaged pieces are easily repaired/replaced and look great. Brick pavers can often be installed for less money than composite decking as well, especially when factoring in the added high costs of railings and composite accessories. Many people are opting to have their deteriorating wood decks replaced with pavers as a more permanent solution for outdoor living areas. Paver patio areas offer the options of adding fire pits, outdoor kitchens, paver benches, and retaining walls too.

When considering upgrading your outdoor living area please give us a call for a quote on a professionally installed brick paver patio or poolscape. The options are endless and pavers will add an elegance and permanence to your home that a wood deck never could.

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